Community Centered, Data Driven

We are ending the water crisis one community at a time.

Community Centered, Data Driven

We are ending the water crisis one community at a time.

Our approach to water security delivers sustainable, life-changing results

1.3 million people provided with safe water since 2008

We believe safe drinking water not only improves the health of rural communities in Central America, but provides a basic need that lays the foundation for building a stronger, more prosperous life. By putting people first in our mission to end the water crisis, COVA delivers solutions that improve quality of life, allowing children to attend school, parents to earn crucial income, and communities to flourish.


1,310,395 People

With Safe Drinking Water


2,191 Communities

With Safe Drinking Water


41 Schools

With Safe Drinking Water

Millions of Central Americans provided with safe drinking water by Cova



746,967 people served

1,274 communities served



418,158 people served

846 communities served


El Salvador

145,270 people served

71 communities served

34,612 visits to partner communities to date

Helping communities become self-sufficient.

Through Cova-led capacity building, communities assume responsibility for many of the activities required to maintain and operate their water system. Moving communities from Phase 1 to Phase 3 allows a circuit rider to support an additional 150 communities.

Circuit Rider Activities

Circuit Riders routinely travel to rural communities to provide training, capacity building, technical assistance, and water quality monitoring services.

Community Phases

After 24 months of regular site visits and support by Circuit Riders, communities become self-sufficient and able to maintain their water system.

Using data to drive change

We are creating the region’s largest water quality database.

Our circuit riders gather water quality data daily from communities. All data is organized and shared with local government who in turn use these numbers to help plan and prioritize future water projects and allocate resources.


Cova’s Water Treatment System

Our water purification technology is a low-cost, low-maintenance, locally-sourced solution that attaches to any rural community’s water tank and inactivates pathogens in water systems by releasing a controlled dosage of chlorine. One system can provide safe drinking water for up to 1,000 people and requires no electricity to use.

2,571 Laboratory tests conducted to date

Ensuring communities’ water is safe. Always.

In addition to regular water quality testing in the field, samples of community’s water is brought to Cova’s laboratories for in-depth water quality assessment, testing for a dozen different parameters.


Cova is committed to helping realize the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6 to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” In addition to SDG 6, Cova’s work also supports gender equality, economic growth, climate action, relieving poverty, and good health.

Results and Studies

Evidence shows that water treatment is one of the most cost-effective ways to save children’s lives.

The impact of Cova’s programs have been studied, measured, and referenced by academic researchers, departments of health, and scientific evaluations.