See the change you’re making

Join our next impact experience trip to Central America.

See the change you’re making

Join our next impact experience trip to Central America.

These are not mission trips – they’re adventure impact trips.

Travel with Cova to Nicaragua and Honduras to see the impact of providing safe drinking water.

Cova invites you to embark on an enriching journey, offering several annual trips to Nicaragua and Honduras where you can witness the profound impact of our efforts in providing safe drinking water. We believe in the balance of work and play, embracing every moment to forge connections with the incredible people within the Cova community. During your expedition, delve into the rich tapestry of Central American history, culture, and food while cultivating a deeper appreciation for the significance safe drinking water can bring to a community.

Trip Dates:

Honduras – November 11-15, 2024

Trip Cost: 

Double Occupancy – $1,500 per person ($500 deposit due at registration)

Single Occupancy – $1,800 per person ($500 deposit due at registration)

Trip cost includes, meals, ground transportation, tours, project materials, and other activities. 

*Airfare is not included.

Journey Highlights:

  • Engaging with rural communities and water board leaders to witness the transformative impact of safe water access.
  • A captivating tour of a local coffee farm, providing insight into the region’s cultural and people.
  • Hands-on experiences with community leaders, including women and educators, fostering meaningful connections.
  • Immerse yourself in the lush jungles as we journey alongside local communities to witness the vital yet frafile community water sources firsthand.
  • Rest and reflection amidst the serene beauty of a boutique hotel nestled in the cloud forest, offering rejuvenating activities such as hiking and guided tours.

Embark on this vibrant adventure with Cova, where every moment promises to be as vivid and inspiring as the colorful landscapes and communities we support.

Please note: The details of this itinerary are subject to change and will be updated throughout the trip-planning process to ensure the best possible experience for our participants.

Four days including travel to/from the United States.

Cover Co-Founder & CEO Wes Meier, Development Director Lisa Cook, and our in-country team.

We suggest asking your healthcare provider for the most up-to-date medical information.

Each trip varies, but typically trips will include arriving and traveling around the capital city, visiting Cova headquarters in Estelí (Nicaragua) or Marcala (Honduras), community visits to see our work in action, and finally spending some time with the country’s natural reserves, beaches, or hiking dormant (and maybe even active) volcanoes!

Impact Experience trips include personal visits to rural communities to see Cova’s water treatment solutions in action and provide an opportunity to learn about how it has impacted their lives. You will also have time for exciting expeditions exploring the beautiful countryside of Nicaragua or Honduras.

Double Occupancy – $1,500 per person ($500 deposit due at registration)

Single Occupancy – $1,800 per person ($500 deposit due at registration)

Trip cost includes, meals, ground transportation, tours, project materials, and other activities.

  • “I think the world needs more people like the Cova staff: warm-hearted, hard working, and generous. The work they are doing here is exceptional. To donate to Cova is not just money to a good cause, it’s the sharing of knowledge and community throughout San Isidro to better the current and future generations.”

    Patrick Ward Impact Trip Participant
  • “Traveling with Cova was an amazing experience that allowed me to get a close-up view of the work being done in Nicaragua. It was also a terrific way to see different parts of the country, the changing landscapes and a chance to stay in an eco-lodge on a majestic coffee farm. It was also remarkable to see the level of community involvement at every step of the planning, implementation and evaluation process. I am proud to support Cova!”

    Ursuala Winkiewicz Impact Trip Participant
  • “I think Cova has great development principles in their focus on sustainability- sustainable projects, sustainable partnerships, and a sustainable business mode.”

    Levi Naum Impact Trip Participant
  • "I really enjoyed meeting with the children at the their school and seeing the importance of clean water in schools to keep the kids healthy and in school."  

    Katie Frank Impact Trip Participant
  • "The most impactful part of the trip for me was the hike up to the water source. The amount of people from the community who joined was unreal. The entire community of men, women, and children came out to show us how proud they were of their water system. I also keep thinking about the people in leadership roles in the communities on the water boards. The confidence and pride in their community was amazing."

    Craig Demmel Impact Trip Participant
  • "I don't know many trips that will really immerse you into the culture and lives of locals. I know we were tourists, but I felt like I was seeing real life."

    Erin Demmel Impact Trip Participant

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